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Year after year Christmas traditions are kept including putting up two Christmas trees, going to church on Christmas Eve and baking as many cookies as possible. Sometimes though we hold off on cookies for day in order to make struffoli. I was curious about how to describe stuffoli and searched the internet to find this definition: a Neapolitan dish of deep fried balls of dough about the size of marbles dipped in honey. For me the definition of struffoli would be: fried dough covered in honey and sprinkles made with the family.

It’s not every year that we make stuffoli, in fact it’s a big event when we do make it. A couple of weeks ago my Mom decided that we were going to make it this year for Christmas and called my Grandpa. He was so happy to hear the news and planned to be here to help out.

This morning Grandpa arrived ready to make struffoli! Mom made the dough which included about 6 cups of flour and 12 eggs among other minor things. After letting the dough rest for a little while we all worked together to roll and cut the dough balls. These were then fried, dried, and bathed in honey. After topping the balls off with sprinkles the struffoli was made! It took the majority of the day but they are delicious.

We had a great time making the struffoli and after eating one dish already I can tell you the hard work was worth it! Here are some pictures taken throughout the day.

IMG_0562 IMG_0566

IMG_0568 IMG_0572

IMG_0573 IMG_0575



IMG_0576 IMG_0579

IMG_0580 IMG_0582 

All in all it was a great day hanging out in the kitchen with my Mom and Grandpa. Every time we make struffoli we are not only proud of the result but happy that we did it together. It might not happen every year but when struffoli is made so are many memories.


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