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For the past two weeks I had been searching for a way to bake something with an Olympic theme. I didn’t know if I wanted to make a cake, cookies, or a pie so I kept holding off. At the beginning of this week I had an idea and instead of thinking about it for too long I just ran with it.

If you’ve been watching the Olympics you’ve seen the Olympic figures or as I call them silhouettes. They are the little images that represent a sport or event and are shown generally at the bottom of the screen. I looked at past Olympic games and each comes up with their own version of the images kind of like a font you would write with. I printed out this year’s silhouettes and traced them in chocolate to act as cupcake toppers. This is the result:


Olympic images on cupakes in chocolate

Tennis, running, gymnastics, fencing, soccer, swimming, biking, and diving


The cupcakes themselves are chocolate Oreo cupcakes with cookies and cream icing. These cupcakes were absolutely delicious…having a soft spot for Oreos I admit I’m biased. Once each cupcake was iced I gave each one a silhouette.

After watching the games and being so proud of all the Americans who have competed and medaled I was very happy to finally bake something Olympic.


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