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Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

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I found a great pie crust idea on the internet last week and I couldn’t wait to test it out over the weekend. I got home from work and went right to the kitchen to test out a cinnamon roll pie crust…yup, I said a cinnamon roll pie crust. The idea is so simple and the only ingredients needed besides your usual pie crust are butter and cinnamon.

In the end I made an apple crumb pie with a cinnamon roll crust. Just like in past baking endeavors I took pictures along the way to share how I made it. I started with a rolled pie crust, spread some butter on it, and added cinnamon. I then rolled the crust back up and began to slice it into small pieces to place in the bottom of the pie crust. Once the crust was filled I took the back end of a spoon to press the pieces together and avoid holes in the crust. Then the pie was filled and baked just like a normal pie. It was delicious!

Pie crust with butter and cinnamon.

Rolled up and sliced

Flattened with a spoon

Baked apple crumb pie with visible cinnamon swirls.

Held up for a photo op! The perfect slice of pie to be topped with vanilla ice cream!


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