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Today being August first I convinced myself to start looking at my college stuff, what I have, don’t have, and should throw out. Everything that usually comes with me to school has been sitting in a giant pile in the basement since December since none of it came with me to Italy last semester. A few of my new housemates for this upcoming semester have started talking about what we all can contribute to the house common areas and I have been in denial that it’s time to have such discussions. Admittedly I am no where close to being mentally prepared for another semester of classes, that is unless I were going back to Italy…which isn’t happening. 😦

In cleaning out I found that I didn’t have as much kitchen ware as I had expected or remembered. It is possible that some things got lost or simply got remixed back into my home kitchen but from what I could tell I needed a few things. On this rainy day I headed out to Bed Bath and Beyond to really just look around and see what might strike me. And boy did something strike me! I walked right into the bake-ware aisle and spent about 20 minutes deciding what I should get, I could use it all. In the end I looked to the boxed sets and began comparing prices and components from each of the major bake-ware companies. This is what I ended up choosing:

I have found the Wilton brand to be great and their products are very reliable. This set (for only $35!!!!) has a cookie sheet, 13×9 cake pan, muffin pan, loaf pan, and two 8 inch rounds. So c’est la vie I bought myself this present. I even broke in the muffin pan with corn muffins simply because.

All in all I want no one to fear, even though I have to go back to school soon I will still be baking. I’m actually pretty certain that taking baking breaks between Calculus problems helped me pass the course. If you ask me, that’s the best study tactic I have ever tried, and it tasted pretty good too!

If you are a fan of Reece’s be sure to check back on Friday for a new post about a delicious looking treat!


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  1. I might look into this set! Because I would trust your opinion over anyones haha

  2. There were a bunch of sets, I just happen to love the components in this one. Check them out but I definitely suggest anything Wilton.


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