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I’m not quite sure where to begin on this post because I’m still so happy that my last baking endeavor was successful! Let me explain the back story to this work of art before I show a picture. Of all the days in the year my favorite days are birthdays. Luckily enough for me everyone has a birthday and I get to help celebrate them with what I love to do. At work I try to make some sort of baked good for everyone’s birthday and add a personal touch. Sometimes people have a favorite flavor or type of baked good and I love to accommodate! However, the best part about baking for someone’s birthday is adding a surprise that I’m sure they’ll love.

This week held no birthdays at work but one unexpected belated celebration. Back in June there was a birthday at work but I did not get the chance to bake anything. I needed to make up for this lost baking opportunity and make it up to my friend. Since I was celebrating a month late I needed to do something big and make this gift extra special. I put some thought into what I should make and an idea popped into my head: my friend is an awesome artist, she would love something art related. I decided to make an artist’s palatte and a painting to go with it made out of cookies, cupcakes, and icing…a lot of icing.

I took a few pictures during the process of making this birthday present and will share them here. The second to last picture is the final product which I am very proud of! My friend also loved it which made the hard work all worth while.

Two large sugar cookies, one to be the painting and one the palatte.

A single coating of neutral colored icing for the base of the picture.

Painting the picture! I layered the icing so that a few more details could be put into the painting and the icing would dry at the same time.

All done! Painting complete.

Here is the final display of painting, palate, and cupcakes. They are mocha cupcakes with vanilla icing.

Apparently the cookie tasted good! Everyone enjoyed eating the painting!

All in all this was a great project that I loved working on! I’m certainly no van Gogh but I do hope I did his work justice. Making all of this was so much fun and I’m so happy that everyone enjoyed it, especially the birthday girl!







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