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To Grandfather’s House We Go

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If I were to have a single reason why I love baking so much it would be that I love watching people enjoy what I make. I can bake for the reason that it makes me happy but making others happy is a much better reason. Then of all the people I love to bake for my favorite person is my grandpa. Not only is he a great taste tester but a great friend. Even if something tastes awful Grandpa will say otherwise. While it might not be the most helpful response to fixing what I made, it at least puts a smile on my face.

Since my grandmother and great grandmother were very avid bakers Grandpa has eaten just about every baked good I have ever heard of. But even with not being picky his favorite baked good is crumb cake. He’ll tell you that Entenmann’s makes a great crumb cake and for a better one you should try their Ultimate Crumb Cake. Nonetheless he would do anything for my grandmother’s apple crumb cake. I’ve made the cake once and it was delicious and recently my mother made it for Grandpa for Father’s day, he was thrilled.

Today I called Grandpa and told him that I would go over to his house tomorrow. He has been asking me for a few weeks now to teach him how to use a digital camera and since that task could take some time I decided we might need a snack. What better thing to bake for Grandpa besides a crumb cake? For tomorrow’s mid day snack I made a blueberry crumb cake. The cake is a simple white cake with blueberries inside. After it baked for a little while I added more blueberries on top and a crumb topping. Once it cooled I drizzled a simple powdered sugar icing on top and there you have it!

I can’t wait to give this to Grandpa tomorrow and see his face. He is going to put his hand on his stomach saying, “Oh boy! For me?” He’ll then follow that with, “Grandma would be proud….you know she really wanted you to go to culinary school.” Then we will talk again about why I somehow wanted to pursue science instead. But no matter how predictable the conversation may be I am still looking forward to it.

Maybe if the camera lessons are successful I’ll have him take his own picture of the cake to share with everyone.


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