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When I decided to make a baking blog I didn’t have a name in mind. After whipping up a batch of creativity with my family and friends the name “Dropping like Pies” was decided upon. As of yet I don’t think the name has any true meaning to me except for it relating to baking. But maybe the name is growing on me since a day after this blog was created I did indeed bake a pie. Two of my friends were coming over for the weekend and I wanted to bake something for them. It’s not uncommon for me to find any reason to bake but especially when friends come or I go to see them I want to bring some goodies. However, most of what I bake are cupcakes and cookies. This time when baking for my friends I made a pumpkin pie. I know it’s not common to eat a pumpkin pie when it’s not Thanksgiving season but it’s a crowd favorite.

Pumpkin pie is not only my favorite pie but also one of my friends. During our two years of eating college cafeteria food my favorite dinners were those followed by a delicious slice of pumpkin pie. It wasn’t every day the school had great desserts, actually they were few and far between, but a pumpkin pie was always well accepted! There were even times we would steal an extra slice to bring home with us, because who knows when another one would be served. Yup, pumpkin pies are delicious and make us pretty happy.

Since I was inspired by my blog to make a pie I needed to step up my game. I couldn’t just make an ordinary pumpkin pie and post the picture. Nope, I made my pumpkin pie and added a twist, well, more like a braid. On this pumpkin pie I braided the crust to make it look that much better. So there you have it, inspired by my own blog and spending a little extra time to make it special. I have to tell you, inspiration is delicious!


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An avid baker and experimental cook with a love for anything related to the kitchen.

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  1. Remember the attempted baking pumpkin seeds?

  2. Attempted? I called that a success! haha


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