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From Baking to Blogging

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To the blogging world and all it has to offer,

There are two very certain things I can tell you right now in my life: 1. I love baking with all of my heart and 2. I’m awful at using technology. I am telling you these things because in a way I hope this blog helps me develop not only my baking skills but technology skills as well. Perhaps a blog will help me learn to share what I love through the use of this unfamiliar form of communication. My goal is to share with the world what I love to do, which is without a doubt: baking. I can’t say I remember baking from a very early age as I feel most people tend to say about their favorite hobby but whenever it began it was amazing. Baking gives me an outlet to be creative, a method of sharing with others, and plenty of stories to share. It is unfortunately true that my baking/cooking hobby as a kid helped me realize Santa Claus wasn’t real (story for a later date) but at the same time I wouldn’t want that silly story to be any other way. Even ten years later I can have some pretty good stories all stemming from a pumpkin pie. I look forward to sharing my baking passion and stories that come with it on this blog.

Thanks for reading!


About Kitchen261

An avid baker and experimental cook with a love for anything related to the kitchen.

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  1. I can’t wait to read your stories.


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